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Welcome to NWP! Feel free to contact us any time. Office - 253-584-3633 NWP 9527 Bridgeport Way SW Lakewood, WA 98499

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Board meetings and Annual Meetings All interested owners are encouraged to attend.  If you have any questions, contact our office or one of the members of your board. Northwest Properties Agency Inc. 253-584-3633

Face Book Page: or For inquires regarding managing an association property

For Association homeowner members and Board members questions please contact:     for payment questions, balances, late payments forwarding addresses, financial questions, bookkeeping questions, resale certificate requests, lender questionnaires     for address changes, minutes, meeting information, mailings     for repairs and maintenance to the property

Office Hours:

Monday through Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Friday    8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sometimes the office is closed or your call goes to Voice Mail:
During normal office hours, your phone call will always be answered by a staff person.  If that does not occur, then something is “up:”

  • Our office is closed on holidays.  We also tell our employees not to come to the office if there are dangerous road conditions or we might send them home if there is a weather concern that could cause a problem for them to get home safely.
  • If your call is answered by our voice mail system, just leave a message in our general mail box and we will return it when we return.
  • Occasionally during normal office hours, if we receive a high volume of calls, your call might go to voice mail, even if we are open.  When this happens, we listen to the VM at our earliest convenience.  If you wait a few minutes and call back, it might go through.  This is most common during extreme weather conditions which can create a high volume of emergency calls.  Occasionally, for some reason, a lot of people can all call at the same time, tying up all available lines.  This is rare, but it can occur.
  • From time to time, we have educational classes to attend or other situations that could result in an early closure of the office - if you plan
    to come to our office, please call to determine if it happens to be a day we will close the office or have an early closure.  It would be unusual for us not to be in the office at the beginning of the day.  However, if the road conditions are dangerous, then our staff has been instructed to wait until the conditions clear to arrive at the office. If you have an emergency or a repair request when our office is closed, see
    the instructions further in this message.

Make your checks payable to:  NWP (or Northwest Properties Agency, Inc. if you prefer)
You can:  mail, deliver in person, after hours there is a mail drop on the side of the building closest to the Beds of Roses florist shop.
Mailing Address:

Northwest Properties Agency, Inc.
9527 Bridgeport Way, S. W.
Lakewood, WA.  98499

Physical Address:  We are located on the corner of 59th and Mt. Tacoma Drive SW Neighboring businesses are the Beds of Roses florist shop and Bank of America down from the Intersection of Gravelly Lake Drive and Bridgeport Way or from I-5: 1.8 miles from Exit 125 in Lakewood.

Need a Repair?

How to Turn in a Repair: We encourage you to report any repairs that are the responsibility of the Association, as they are required.  If the request or concern you are raising is an obvious expense of the Association, we will make the property notifications to the appropriate contractor or to a Board member.

All other requests must be made to the Board and we will let you know that you need to write a letter to the Board to be presented at the next board
meeting.  We can only order repairs with Board approval.  We do not have the authority to make those decisions.

Please call our office at 253-584-3633 and ask to speak to the Coordinator. If she is not available, then you can give your information to the staff
person answering the phone. You may also:   fax your request to 253-581-5898 Use our website to e-mail a request (under Property Management)
e-mail to

Emergency Repairs:

If you have an emergency you may call our 24-hour emergency line 253-686-6114 Please speak slowly, leave your name, contact phone numbers, address of the property, name of the association, time and day you are calling, and a brief description of the nature of the emergency. The Property Manager is not in the office when those calls are received and does not have access to the database for contact information so you must provide these details so we can arrange with a contractor to provide the needed service.

Please read the following for emergency contacts:

  • After receiving the call, when it is after hours, it can easily take an hour or longer to make contact with the contractor - depending on the
    nature of the request and the type of service required.
  • If there is a weather related emergency, the response time can be delayed when properties all over the County are in need of emergency
    services so the contractors may be inundated with requests for their services
  • If there are weather conditions that knock out cell service to certain areas, your call may not be received as anticipated, so if you feel
    your message may not have been received and adequate time has elapsed for the contractor to respond (it is not like the “Maytag” commercials where they are sitting around a table waiting to be dispatched - they have to find workers and the tools and vehicles to arrive at the property), then contact a Board member.  They have all the cell and home phone contact information for our staff - phone numbers and E-mail addresses.  There are also certain situations that require sunlight or weather conditions to perform the service.  For example, they do not climb on roofs if it is dark; there are high winds and rains making it too risky to go up on a roof, things of that nature.  The homeowner should take whatever precautions are reasonable to protect the property until the contractor can safely perform the services for the emergency call request.
  • Do not call at 2 a.m. - please call at a time when a contractor could actually come to the property.  If it is pitch black outside, take whatever precautionary measures would be appropriate, and call the emergency line when the sun comes up.
  • For fire and flooding issues, or issues that are provided by City or County Emergency services, call 911.

Misuse of the Emergency Line
Please only call this line for emergencies - this is not to be used for routine repair calls.  If you tie up this line, you may prevent someone with
a real emergency getting through! Unfortunately we have problems with a lot of calls using this line just to leave messages and routine repair calls.  If you leave a message that is not an emergency, we will not respond to your call until normal business hours and there will be a $150 fee for misusing the line. When the office is closed, emergency calls go to the Property Manager - not the Maintenance Coordinator, so you really need to call her during regular business hours or to E-mail her with your concern: