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Welcome to NWP! Feel free to contact us any time. Office - 253-584-3633 NWP 9527 Bridgeport Way SW Lakewood, WA 98499

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From time to time, we will post information of interest for tenant of properties we manage.

*Special Notice For Prospective Tenants*

We do NOT accept portable reports. 


E-mail: - for concerns not related to the following areas: - for payment questions, balances, late payments forwarding addresses, bookkeeping questions - for questions about your application, lease questions, notices to vacate - for repairs and maintenance to the property

Make your checks payable to:  NWP (or Northwest Properties Agency, Inc. if you prefer)

Office Hours:

Monday through Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Friday    8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Closed on holidays.  We also tell our employees not to come to the office if there are dangerous road conditions and we send them home if there is a weather concern that could cause a problem for them to get home safely.  If you receive our voice mail, just leave a message in our general mail box and we will return it when we return.

If you have an emergency, then leave a message in the emergency voice mail. See below for instructions.

Rent due dates:  Due on the first, delinquent after the close of the business day on the 3rd. Make your checks payable to:  NWP (or Northwest Properties Agency, Inc. if you prefer)

Delinquent rental payments must include the late fee and are payable by cashier’s check or money order only - no personal checks for late rent payments.

Mailing Address:

Northwest Properties Agency, Inc.
9527 Bridgeport Way SW
Lakewood, WA. 98499

If you have an emergency you may call our 24-hour emergency line 253-686-6114 Because of past misuse of this line (leaving messages for ordinary repairs) there is a $150 fine for misuse of this line.  If it is not an emergency, E-mail us or if you call after hours, leave a message in our general voice
mail box at 253-584-3633.

You must give written notice 20-days prior to the next rent due date.  Forms are available in the office and on our website.  Instructions for a successful move out are also available in our office or on this website.

Need a Repair?
How to Turn in a Repair: We encourage you to report any repairs as they are required.  A small leak under the sink can turn into dry rot and a huge expense.  When you realize that something is not operating properly, please call our office at 253-584-3633 and ask to speak to the Coordinator.  If she is not available, then you can give your information to the staff person answering the phone.

You may also:

Fax your request to 253-581-5898
Use our website to e-mail a request (under Property Management) 
e-mail to

Emergency Repairs:
If you have an emergency you may call our 24-hour emergency line 253-686-6114

Please only call this line for emergencies - this is not to be used for routine repair calls.  If you tie up this line, you may prevent someone with a real emergency getting through!

Unfortunately we have problems with a lot of calls using this line just to leave messages and routine calls.  If there is only one toilet in your house and it does not work, that is an emergency, if you have two or more, that is an inconvenience.  If you leave a message that is not an emergency, we will not respond to your call and charge you $150.00. This line is for someone who is without heat, hot water, septic or sewer problems, something of an emergency nature that needs immediate attention!