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*Special Notice For Prospective Tenants*

We do NOT accept portable reports.

EMPLOYMENT: SELF-EMPLOYED OR EMPLOYED BY A RELATIVE: We will require the past two years income tax forms showing your gross income. If you own your own business, the income information is the amount you reported to the I.R.S. as your personal income - not the income of your business.

PAYROLL RECORDS: If you have a current payroll slip showing your income, a copy of that slip will speed up the application process as some employers will not verify income over the phone and require a written request.

PICTURE I.D. AND SOCIAL SECURITY CARD: We require this identification for every applicant.

BANK ACCOUNTS: The screening service cannot screen your bank account. You must ask the Secretary for a form to complete if you are going to be paying by check. Since it takes time to get the information back from the bank, you may not pay by personal check until we receive a satisfactory report from your bank. Some banks charge a fee to provide this information. If your bank does charge to screen your account, you must pay that fee to your bank.

PETS: Some properties do not allow pets or have specific requirements. Check with the Secretary before your application is screened to be sure you can have your pet at the property. None of the properties we manage allow farm animals, wild animals, vicious breeds of animals (doberman, rottweiler, pit bull dogs, venomous snakes, for example) and some do not allow cats. No pet will be allowed on the property unless the fee has been paid. If you have more than one pet (which is ordinarily the limit), and the owner approves it, for each additional pet, there is another $200 fee.

COSTS: An earnest money deposit of $300 must accompany this application, along with the screening fee(s). The non-refundable screening fee(s) is $40 per applicant over the age of 18 and must be made in the form of a money order payable to Accurate Screening & Credit Reporting, Inc. The earnest money must be made in the form of a money order and is payable to NORTHWEST PROPERTIES AGENCY, INC.  After acceptance and before you receive the keys to the property, all monies must be paid in full by money order or cashiers check and all documents signed by all adult occupants.
Money orders should always be purchased at a bank - check to see how long it would take to receive a refund if the money order is not used for its intended purpose.  Banks will ordinarily give you your money back right away, but you need to ask at the time of purchase.  Money orders purchased at stores and other sources will sometimes make you wait up to 30 days to get a refund!

APPLICATION PROCESS: Your application will be processed as soon as all the information is completed in full, the screening fee and the application fee are paid, and required signatures are on the documents. It ordinarily takes 48 hours to have the information returned to us. The length of time varies depending on how difficult it is to verify the information on the application. Previous landlords are usually the primary cause of delay. If you have both a day and an evening or alternate phone, it may help speed up the process. The property will not be held for your application unless all monies are paid In full, along with the application.


ACCEPTANCE: If the information is verified and comes back positive, your application will be accepted. You will need to make immediate arrangements to sign your agreements and set an appointment for your move in. The rent will begin within 24 hours of acceptance of the application (unless other arrangements are made between the Tenant and the Owner) or on the first date that the property is available for rent (as in the case of a currently occupied property). All move-in monies must be paid by money order or cashiers check. No personal checks will be accepted until a positive screening is received from your bank. We do not accept out-of-state checks unless we receive verification of a satisfactory rating and verification of overdraft coverage in an amount equal to or larger than a full month's rent. Your earnest money will be applied to your monies owing. In the event you are accepted, but do not take the property, the $300.00 will be forfeited in full with no exception.

DENIAL: Your application may be denied for a variety of reasons. The major reason for denial would be unfavorable landlord references. Some of the other reasons could be discovery of facts not explained on the application, falsified information, inability to verify facts as stated on the application or in the public record, poor credit, judgments, liens and collections, unveriflable social security number or income, past problems with police (domestic violence, property damage, drugs), or information we receive that, in our opinion or the opinion of the Owner, could indicate a potential financial risk to the Owner. In the event your application fee is denied, your $300.00 will be returned to you - the screening fee is non-refundable. Occasionally, we can negotiate with an Owner on a previous problem (such as a bankruptcy that is over a year old), If we can show a valid reason for the problem (medical problem, for example) and a current history without problems. We will not consider any application information involving previous property damage or non-payment of rental monies. Ordinarily an Owner will require a higher deposit from a "higher risk" tenant.

UTILITIES: After acceptance of your application, you will need to transfer the utilities for the property (heat, electricity, water) and provide us with the utility account numbers. You are responsible to pay deposits to the utility provider. You are responsible to pay sewer fees to the office, along with your monthly rental amount, if the property is on sewer. The amount will be quoted to you by the Secretary. The sewer fee is subject to change according to the amount charged by the provider. EXCEPTION: If you are renting a property in the city limits of Steilacoom, you must go to the City Hall prior to your leasing appointment, pay your deposits and bring your receipt to our office before keys are released. If the property you are renting is serviced by fuel oil, you must pay for the amount remaining in the tank at the time you pay your leasing monies. The Secretary will have the amount for you. Except in the case of some apartments, you are responsible for all utility expenses.

YARD CARE: Unless noted on your agreement, or you rent an apartment, you are responsible for all yard care.

DOCUMENTS: Prior to the time you receive the keys to the property, you will receive copies of all documents along with a detailed condition report for the property.

KEYS: You will receive two keys to the property after all monies are paid and documents signed.

MONIES REQUIRED: All deposits, fees, utility fees, fuel oil reimbursement, and related costs along with a full month's rent must be paid in full prior to receiving keys to the property. A pro-rated rental amount will be due on the second month of occupancy if the inception date of the lease agreement is later than the first day of a month. All rental amounts, including prorated rents, are due on the first of the month during tenancy and are delinquent if not received by the third day of the month.