Outline of Services

Northwest Properties Agency,Inc. provides real estate services to Pierce County Association properties as outlined below:


  • Collection of Dues
  • Payment of Bills
  • Monthly Reports
  • Provide records to Association Accountant for preparation of financial statements and tax preparation
  • Assists Board in preparation of annual budget
  • Deposits to Reserve Accounts
  • Reconcile all bank statements
  • Meet with designated Board Member to review monthly accounting.
  • Advise designated Board Member of large or irregular accounts payable
  • Send out late letters for unpaid dues
  • Provide information to HOA attorney for legal action on unpaid HOA dues
  • Prepare Annual Corporation renewal for Board President to sign
  • Provide information to Board as may be required from time-to-time for special expenditures/bookkeeping requirements.
  • Provide monthly delinquency list of unpaid HOA dues
  • Mail out annual payment coupons to Home Owners
  • Prepare Resale Certificates


  • Order and work with contractors for routine HOA repairs
  • Assess Home Owner requests to determine if it is a association expense or something that should be paid by the Home Owner
  • Meet with and communicate with the designated Board Member for maintenance of the property.
  • Obtain bids for work requirements
  • Work closely with the Board Member designated for Maintenance Committee in regard to the needs of the Association for monthly, annual, and
    periodic services by contractors.
  • Obtain bids for renewal of contract services
  • Provide monthly maintenance report
  • Assist Board with suggestions of Contractors or evaluation of work requirements for the property.
  • Monitor emergency line for problems that may arise when office is closed


  • Assist Board Secretary with monthly mailings to Home Owners *
  • Prepare and mail letters as needed to Home Owners in violation of CC&R’s and other related areas as required *
  • Prepare mailings for Annual and Special Meetings *
  • Clerical services as requested *


  • Attend Board Meetings**
  • Attend Annual Meeting
  • Provide consultation to Board
  • Meet with and assist Board members for special projects or situations *
  • Administrative services as may be required

For most part, the services we provide for the associations wemanage are covered under the management service fee per contract. However, a few
services are provided for a fee as outlined in the agreement or as may come up during the management period that are outside the scope of the normal service swe provide.

*Some additional services are charged in addition to the management fee as described in the contract and its addendums.

**Attendance at Board meetings and Annual Meetings is subject to availability.  We currently have obligations to some of the Home Owner Associations we manage at this time that require our attendance, so attendance is subject to availability.  We can provide you with our current meeting time obligations. For smaller Associations there are minimum fees. Associations paying minimum fees will be charged for services as they are requested by mutual agreement with the HOA and our company to be negotiated at the time of the signing of a management contract.

Annual Meetings:  No fee for attending Annual Meetings except if a quorum is not met and an additional meeting must be scheduled. Attendance at a second scheduled Annual meeting shall be charged per our fees chedule.

Northwest Properties uses the PROMAS Homeowner Association software and there are a variety of reports available to the Association. Typically, the President and the Treasurer will meet with the Bookkeeper to determine which reports the Board would like to use for the monthly meetings.  Reports will be prepared in advance of the Board Meeting and available for the Board to review prior to the monthly meeting.

The Bookkeeper prepares a file each month and includes everything that has taken place during that month including the bookkeeping records,letters to Home Owners, Maintenance report, copies of large invoices, and any other related information.  Those files are available for the Association’s
Accountant to review at any time and to pick up for preparation of financial records.  Our Bookkeeper will meet with the Accountant to review the records in the monthly folders to determine what records the Accountant will need to provide the Accountant services.  We also prepare the Resale Certificates that are required when a unit sells and the Seller pays for the expense.

Our Maintenance Coordinator organizes work requirements for the property, takes calls or e-mail requests from Home Owners with work requirements, coordinates work with contractors, discusses needs for the Association with contractor, and communicates regularly with the Board Maintenance Committee Member by phone or E-mail regarding the needs of the Association.  She also obtains bids, communicates with the Association Board on member requests, and any other areas related to the maintenance of the property.

The Property Manager and the Maintenance Coordinator monitor the emergency repair phone line to review messages and determine the need for repair when the office is closed.  If it is determined that the request is an actual emergency, they will contact the Board Maintenance Chairperson and/or arrange for a contractor to make the required repair.  If contact with a Board member does not occur, we will take the necessary steps to deal with the immediate emergency and follow up with a notification to the appropriate Board Member the following business day.

We do not organize individual Home Owner repairs not covered by the Association but will provide a Home Owner with a list of contractors that the company uses for various situations, if they need some help finding a contractor.

Broker-Owners:  Bill and Pat Price.  If we are requested to attend the Board of Director monthly meetings and the annual meetings, there are evenings that are not available so attendance is subject to availability if it conflicts with meetings we already attend for Associations that we currently manage.  As mentioned earlier, if we can arrange it, our Property Manager or a Staff member may be available with adequate notice.  Currently, we have meetings on the second Monday, Wednesday and the third Monday and Tuesday each month for larger Associations that we manage.  We manage several Associations that do not require attendance at monthly meetings but they have intermittent Board meetings and all associations have annual meetings so our dates for these annual meetings need advance notice to avoid a conflict.